Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Color my World

Let me tell you about my great daughter in law. She is amazing!

Why just last weekend when she was here visiting. My mere mention of ..."I have been thinking of changing the color of the entryway," and she was on her feet!

"What color were you thinking?" she asked as her hand drifted across the entryway wall feeling for slight imperfections she would like to correct. I told her something earthy and warm. I am usually a light wall person (which I prefer in my home) who decorates with her colorful personality!

Within minutes she was loaded up for a trip to Home Depot with fabrics of our freshly picked colors in hand. She loves that place! Did I mention she has a degree in design from Kansas State? Not a degree in decorating, (which would be fine) but a degree in DESIGN! That means she moves walls!

The next few hours were a blur as I tried to quiet the grandkids while daughter in law Kristi performed magic on our home's entryway. The colors picked out go marvelous with my paintings and are just what I was wanting to change up the look. The front door now is a beautiful "Shy Violet" color that without her vision I would never have thought of.

Matching paint intrigues me, but I'm not really sure why it excites Kristi so much! Beautiful new colors that that she imagines (as long as they are in the color family) are sure to brighten many of my walls in the future.

I was thinking of moving on down the hall to the bedrooms.... popped corn or fresh tangerine?