Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day beginning another year!

I am excited about the fact that I am ready to start a new year! Today (1-1-11) at 1:11pm, I thought about doing something exciting to remember the moment. We all had that moment in time today, did it pass without doing something special to start your year? Or did you realize the number pattern was even happening today?

I start this year after great visits with family and friends through the holidays! What a great time we all had celebrating being together and doing what families do, trading stories, taking pictures and exchanging gifts. Our three boys and daughter-in-law and grandkids made the celebration even more special. What blessings they all are.

I start this year with a great job working with people I admire and respect. With good health, great expectations of the new year and pride in the activities of my community. I also start the year with jury duty, a niece who will travel to Mayo Clinic this week for an infection that has encompassed her body, and the terminal illness of a close friend of over 40 years. I greet the new year with reservation, sadness, and yet hope and a vision of optimism.

I had time to spend with my friend this week who told me her cancer had moved to her liver and we needed to talk. We have talked a lot over the years. Great conversations that will be held in my heart and memory forever. The celebrations of raising kids, having more kids, high school activities, community organizations, social clubs, church work, graduations, holiday celebrations, weddings, and funerals. All a part of being a friend.

I am hopeful as you start the new year you are looking forward to making the year great! Enjoy your family, embrace your friends, support your community, make the most of those moments in time that pass so quickly. I hope you fly low, sail high, and slow dance more!

Happy New Year 2011!