Tuesday, November 9, 2010

QR Codes have arrived!

They are everywhere! Recently while opening the Sunday paper I noticed Best Buy had them placed throughout their ad, QR Codes, you have seen them right? (I have put one just to the right of this post.) I thought I needed to find out more about those "little boxes".

The little square that with a simple scan of your smart phone can tell you more than everything you want to know about the product you are about to buy. You will easily be able to tell the sales clerk more than they know and wow them with your knowledge.

What is a QR Code? It's a matrix barcode. A QR or quick response code when scanned by a smart phone takes you to more information about the item on the page the code is found. It might take you to a website, an informational video, or text information about the product.

Many businesses are using them, and those that do certainly appreciate the tech knowledge of their customers. Using them will allow their organization a more receptive presence on the web, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Businesses use QR Codes in a number of ways. By simply putting one on your business card you give a customer access to your contact details and it's easy for you to be added to their contacts on their cell phone.

Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, and of course your website and they show product information, contact information, events, offers, details, and even coupons.

No matter how large or small any business could use QR Codes in a number of ways.

I was noticing the Target and Walmart holiday sale ads (nearly the size of a magazine) in this past Sunday paper. Loaded with QR Codes, I packed them for a Thanksgiving trip to my grandson's house. I can hardly wait to have him scan in the code with his mom's cell phone so we can read all about the toys he is wanting for Christmas. It will be loads of fun and even Grammie might learn something.

I know already the gift I want and can't wait to scan the QR Code of. The New Barbie with a video camera in her stomach. Yes, you upload her to YouTube, but I need to check the specs of the video camera Barbie is carrying around, and that QR Code can tell me everything I need to know.