Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Driving a New 2010 Camaro

I see Little Barlow nearly everyday. He's one of the interesting people I met and greet at my desk each day at ESSDACK. He is a great FedEx delivery man, quiet, to the point. He says hello ma'am, yes ma'am, and thank you ma'am to me when he stops in. Most days he is in and gone before others in the office even know he is here.

A man of few words, Little lets his service and commitment to his job speak for him.

He is always on time, always tells me how to finish an Express letter, answers any questions I might have, stacks boxes out of the way, and always keeps service to his customers number one.

Sometimes good things really do happen to good people. Little is one of the best and last Saturday night after a summer of keeping up with a summer promotion sponsored by Eagle Communications, KWBW, People's Bank and Midway Motors his quiet attention to detail and determination paid off.

The promotion gave away a beautiful 2010 Chevrolet Camero to Little and his family on the car lot of Midway Motors here in Hutchinson. The car is valued at over $26,000. After becoming one of the 100 finalists in the contest, he watched as ping pong balls were pulled out of an air machine eliminating people one by one. Out of the 100 finalists 95 showed up on Saturday to play the game. He was the last man with a ping pong ball still in the machine. THE WINNER!

I doubt if he will use the car for deliveries and I doubt when he comes in today he even talks about his winnings. That is just the kind of guy he is. It's good to see a good man come out the winner once in a while. In this case no one deserves it more and it's fun to actually know the winner of the big contest!

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