Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Madness (High School Style)

It is March 9, 2011. In Kansas it's State Basketball Tournament time!

So many exciting stories of how the teams got to the state tournament, so many exciting plays to go over.

In Reno County we have five teams represented this year in State Tournament play. Trinity High Boys, Haven High Girls, Buhler High Boys, Pretty Prairie Boys, and Central Christian Girls!

Starting tomorrow the players, coaches, cheerleaders, student body, parents, relatives, and other assorted fans will be on the road to their respective state tournament locations. For many of these young athletes an excitement like no other is being lived out this week.
Radio ads of congratulations run on their local stations. Newspaper front pages and Sports pages are full of articles about their team, their season and their successful State tournament berth.

Sometimes I feel passionate as a fan just reading about the young kids having a week they will never for get. I have had the feeling being the parent of a son in the state playoffs four times. One basketball player, one baseball player and son # 3 in both baseball and football. There is nothing like this week in high school sports if you are a sports fan.

I have a co-worker, a former coach, who recaps each and every game. He tells about the plays with the intensity of being in the game his self. His son, a senior this year. Will be making a trip to the State Tournament in the Hutchinson Sports Arena tomorrow night.

As his dad is nervous in the stands this young player will be having the time of his life on the court. Win or lose he will have something to talk about for a lifetime. He will remember this week and come to realize the community support that rallies around a high school basketball team.

Good Luck to all of the state bound teams this week, your entertainment all year has pleased coaches, parents and fans alike. Now it's time to smile for the camera and enjoy the ride, you've worked hard for it.

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