Monday, January 4, 2010

From The Receptionist Desk

I am, for the first time trying the world of blogging. Twitter, I am used to, this territory I am not.

The information you read here you could live without, but maybe it will help conversation at the work place about interesting people doing interesting things in our Kansas Schools. In particular the people who make our schools great.

Maybe you have asked yourself during the course of the day "I wonder how that happened? I wonder who is setting up this new technology? I wonder who had that idea?" when you walk into a school building. Most of the things we think "just happen" are ideas from innovative and tireless staff members who went the extra mile to help their students and staff on their own time to make their schools better everyday.

I was reading with interest about such a teacher recently from Sterling High School in Sterling, Kansas. Brian Richter, a history teacher and coach at the school, is preserving history. He was wanting to watch his old high school football game tapes to relive some good times and He knew there would be others wanting the same thing. Richter created a film room in his garage and has learned to transfer super 8 and 16 millimeter movies to his computer. He enhances the film and transmits it to DVD. His talent has escaped the boundaries of Sterling and is now gathering state wide attention.

Footage can be sent to him on film or VCR tapes and he will send back a complimentary DVD for no charge. Duplicates can be purchased through his website

Brian was also the 2006 Kansas Economics Teacher of the Year. He is great educator that helps make Kansas schools great!

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  1. How absolutely cool is that! Hats off to him.