Monday, January 25, 2010

A Hero but no happy ending

What to you say to a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan after a game like last night?

Tied at the end of regulation both teams had stars in their eyes. Until the famed Quarterback Brett Favre who had right on passes most of the night threw an interception near the end of the game not getting his team in position for the needed field goal for the win.

He has been and still is a hero in NFL history. Last night it wasn't meant to be.

The Saints showed no mercy and kept physically pounding Favre. At one point, it appeared Favre was injured and might not return. Four times, the Vikings committed a turnover.

It was vintage Favre. Like a Western gunslinger, Favre picked himself up off the turf and kept firing back. The game was tied at 7, 14, 21 and 28.

In the Wild West, the gunslinger sometimes runs out of bullets. In this case, it was Favre who fired a blank on his final pass.

The worst part was the Vikings never got the ball back in overtime. It was a helpless feeling seeing the Saints march upfield.

Favre, walked gingerly off the field. But he held his head high. He'd given it his best shot.

So what do you say to a friend who cheers for her team and sits nervously for each game to start? A friend who knew after 30 plus years her team had a chance and watched as time ticked off the clock to end their season one game to soon.

Well, my friend Judy, I will tell you here's to next year! Here's to the love of sports we both share, here's to the journey we will take watching all the games again in pursuit of the big game, here's to your passion for the game. I have loved every minute of it.


  1. Thank you for that fitting tribute to my team. As you know, I began my Viking journey in the early 70's by attending all of the home games at the old Met Stadium. My passion has only increased over the years - sharing with friends adds a new dimension to that passion.THANK YOU.

  2. Thatis the beauty of sports, there's always next year. I have so much respect for Brett Favre and I want him to win the super bowl! Fingers crossed for him in the future. I love the way you write about sports. Not just facts but faces!