Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love that Wordle!

I think I love Wordle!

Hearing the world itself is interesting enough but to think it's a catch phrase to introduce new words in the classroom is amazing! Another step towards no more boring learning!

If you haven't used Wordle you really should check it out. They are "beautiful cloud words."
I have watched tech savvy educators use it for a while now. I am amazed at the ways they have found to use it in class!

I can see it used in the classroom for spelling word lists, class rosters, bus rosters, word definitions and so many other things. It seems like it would make learning new words much more fun for students that's why technology-minded educators use it on a daily basis.

I have found after surveying a few teachers they use it daily for student birthday cards, to summarize chapters, to introduce kids at the beginning of the year or their first day in a new classroom. One even mentioned character descriptions such as a good teammate, a good friend, all about me, words for fun, all about our classroom. Or to introduce a unit, what will they be studying? What will they learn? Introduce a new book? Predict what it's about? Not to mention using it to find themes, threads, in speeches, text, etc.

Imagine making a wordle and passing it out as the weekly spelling word list! It might take the "boring" word out of the weekly spelling test!

WOW, there is so much to this word program I better keep looking I might find out more than I already have and I was pulled in by the catch phrase "Wordle" what a great non-boring word!

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