Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things that mean a lot to me!

Some of the things that mean a lot to me are listed
to the right. Family members who always have something to say and keep me interested in their many activities daily.

Through their travels I feel like I see the world, pictures e-mailed make me feel like I am there seeing the adventures with them.

Today the spring snow storm is letting us see the NCAA tournament at our house. Normally we would be out at an event not able to be home.

We received an e-mailed picture this morning from the middle son who is in Las Vegas during the NCAA tournament, he said the weather was bad there too and attached a picture of his group at the pool enjoying themselves!

The oldest son in Texas was out on the lake early to do his bass fishing and sent pictures!

Technology keeps our family together even though we are states apart. We use it daily and thank friends who answer tough questions when I ask them about it. I T guys are the greatest! The next best thing to technology its self when it works!

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