Wednesday, March 10, 2010

State Tournament Time!

It's State Tournament Time in Kansas!

For the 1st time in 16 years the home team Nickerson Panthers Basketball team and their head coach Ryan Duft will head to Salina to compete in the class 4A state tournament. They will be accompanied by a few hundred fans in blue and gold, accompanied by signs and streamers that will decorate their cars on the parking lot and the streets of little Nickerson, Kansas (Population 1256).

In a small town THIS IS A BIG THING! Parents grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, church members, the whole town is talking about the games everywhere you go. They have a right to be proud of their team. If your team has never been to the state tournament you don't know the feeling and you won't be having the time of your life this week. If you are a true basketball fan that loves to watch good basketball you will be joining in the fun at a state tournament location near you.

This is fun! This is exciting! When tournament week rolls around you can expect the unexpected. Like the pride of Burrton, Kansas....Alex Santiago..... who today is known as Amazin' Alex. He scored a record high 53 points in a boys state playoff game during the Burrton Chargers game last night against Hanover. After scoring 17 in the first half, he lit up the place with 36 points in the 2nd half to reach the record. Alex did his best but Hanover defeated Burrton 85-66 at the final buzzer. On a radio talk show this morning Alex said he would give up all the points and the record just to have won the game. According to his Superintendent "he is just that kind of kid." Here's to celebrating Alex, his accomplishment will remain in the record books even though his team's season has come to an end.

You meet a lot exceptional athletes, coaches and fans during tournament week. You find out all sorts of things you probably didn't need to know to be a better person, or employee, but you can find something that will make you a more interesting person.

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