Friday, March 19, 2010

Would YOU make a good Ambassador?

Have you ever thought of yourself as being a spokesperson for something you really believed in or felt passionate about? Something you knew from past history you could relay the message of the person or business and know you could depend on the credibility to always be there?
Those are traits of a true Ambassador!

ESSDACK is looking for a few good educators! Educators with an undying passion for education and student learning. These people would need to be employed by an ESSDACK member district, recognized as educational leaders, and be familiar with the ESSDACK organization and what makes it special.

An ESSDACK Ambassador would be the contact for their school building and educate fellow teachers about the opportunities offered to educators by ESSDACK. They would be the "eyes and ears" of ESSDACK during their daily travels. We can't be everywhere, even though we would like to be! That is where the ESSDACK ambassador will help out!

Participating in past events held by ESSDACK qualifies you to be a part of this new program. Volunteering alongside ESSDACK employees during special events would be common place, social networking, which engages ongoing conversations with community and consumers is a must!

The benefits? Mash-ups with ESSDACK groups during the school year, being a sounding board for new ideas, and the chance to shape the direction of ESSDACK to mention a few.

If this new program sounds intriguing to you and you would like to embrace a new chapter in your educational career, call the ESSDACK office at 620-663-9566, e-mail or check soon for an online application on the ESSDACK website.

ESSDACK Ambassadors will give area educators and patrons a "human being" to connect with rather than the traditional newsletters, e-mails websites and brochures.

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